Mental Clarity: Energize & Focus

Take on whatever comes your way with this energizing & refreshing blend of essential oils. Mental Clarity features Peppermint, Lemon, Grapefruit, Lavender, Rosemary & Basil.

Freshen your home while boosting clarity & energy! Simply add 10-15 drops Mental Clarity with water to an ultrasonic diffuser, or place 5-10 drops Mental Clarity around the edges of a shower basin for an aromatic steam treatment.

Aromatic Salts
Add 10-20 drops Mental Clarity to 1 Tbsp. Himalayan salt in a small glass container. Perfect for on-the-go or subtle diffusion at the office.


Palm Inhalation
Warm 1-2 drops Mental Clarity between your palms, lightly cover face and breathe deeply 5 times. Repeat as needed. A great boost for tests, study sessions & exercise.


Rosemary for Remembrance
Rosemary, a prominent ingredient in Mental Clarity, has a rich & fascinating history associated with memory. Used traditionally at weddings, funerals & other important occasions, it has come to be a symbol of remembrance in many cultures. We use Rosemary to support memory due to its stimulating action. The oil is known to promote the respiratory system, blood circulation & emotional balance, all important components of healthy cognition.

Article by: Hanna Stensgaard