Oil Cleansing with Virgin Plant Oils


An easy technique to keep your skin nourished and soft all winter!

Virgin Plant Oils are amazing emollients, but did you know that they can also function as facial cleansers? Gentle but effective, they work on the principle of “like dissolves like.” The oils are lipophillic, and so are attracted to other oils, binding to them. The “bad” oils and impurities can then be removed without harshly stripping the face of necessary oils.

You can use any of our Virgin Plant Oils for oil cleansing, but those with a lighter consistency are more workable. Our favorites are Cranberry, Apricot Kernel, Hemp Seed and Sweet Almond.

  • Preliminary Rinse: Begin with a preliminary rinse using a washcloth and warm (not hot!) water. This softens the skin and preps it for cleansing.
  • Oil Cleanse: Gently massage 5-10 drops of virgin oil plant oil into your skin, using a circular motion with your fingertips. Continue for 20-30 seconds.
  • Splash with Water: Lightly splash your face with warm water, and continue to massage for 10-20 seconds.
  • Final Rinse: Using a wash cloth and warm water, gently but firmly wipe the oil and impurities away.
  • Moisturize: Finish with a liberal spritzing of hydrosol and your favorite virgin plant oil.

Did you know? Oil cleansing goes back to ancient times when it was customarily used instead of soap for washing the entire body. Before taking a hot bath, the Romans would coat themselves with oil and use a “strigil” (a type of curved metal spatula) to scrape it away.For more information on these and other Virgin Plant Oils, download a free guide here!

For more information on these and other Virgin Plant Oils, download a free guide here!

Article by: Hanna Stensgaard