Good Samaritan: Purify & Protect


 Defend Naturally with Certified Organic Essential Oils

Did you know that the average home has over 60 toxic chemicals? Many of them are found in common household products such as cleaners, skin care, etc. These toxins can be linked to many health issues. Despite health concerns, many product labels often do not give consumers adequate information to make informed decisions. While we can’t avoid exposure to toxic chemicals entirely, we can reduce our exposure significantly.

At Pranarom, we are all about reducing our toxic exposure and finding ways to lead a cleaner lifestyle that’s not only good for us but the environment, too! That’s why the original Good Samaritan Blend was formulated. This blend is made up of powerhouse essential oils including cinnamon bark, lemon, clove bud, rosemary, and eucalyptus radiata with a warm and spicy scent. Good Samaritan is great for diffusing, DIY household cleaners and more! Let’s breakdown the essential oils in this powerful blend.

Cinnamon Bark – This oil has very powerful purifying properties and is great for respiratory  support.

Lemon – This fresh smelling oil is also purifying and is great for supporting the immune system. It’s widely used to stimulate lymph drainage, rejuvenate energy, etc. A fun fact about lemon, it takes the zest of over 3,000 lemons to produce just 35 ounces of lemon essential oil.

Clove Bud – This oil is a powerful broad spectrum purifier and is a great immune system support.

Rosemary – This oil is great for the respiratory tract and promoting, deep, clear breath.

Eucalyptus Radiata – This oil is great applied to the chest for those stuffy, under the weather days. It’s a great addition to a DIY chest rub, too!


As you can see, Good Samaritan is a powerhouse! It’s a must have for any medicine cabinet with all of its amazing purifying and immune system supporting properties. This blend is great because we have done the work for you, combining each oil in the right proportions for safety.


Given the popularity of Good Samaritan coupled with a global pandemic, we thought it was the perfect time to expand on this successful blend. We have taken all of the great properties of Good Samaritan and made the delivery more convenient than ever! Check out our exciting new line-up.


Pranarom Good Samaritan Defense Spray – Travel friendly spray ideal for purifying solid surfaces, linens, doorknobs and more.

Pranarom Good Samaritan Defense Roller – Pre-diluted and blended in a base of organic fractionated coconut oil, this super-premium stainless steel roller ball is safe for direct topical application. Try rolling onto pulse points or the soles of your feet.

Pranarom Good Samaritan Hand Sanitizer – Our new FDA registered hand sanitizer effectively neutralizes more than 99.999% of common germs within 30 seconds, in addition to leaving skin feeling soft and conditioned while you enjoy the warm and spicy scent.


We just love how convenient the new sprays and rollers are. Great for your purse, car, or any time you are on the go!


Article by: Carla Cohen