Small & Precious: 1 ml Essential Oils

Explore our most coveted essential oils – now in NEW packaging!

From the exotic fields of Morocco to the rose valleys of Bulgaria, your passport to luxury awaits! Within these tiny bottles, each precious drop is highly prized for it’s rare and unique qualities making it truly something special.


Rose Otto

Our Rose Otto hails from the Valley of Roses, deep in Bulgaria. Harvesting the roses to make this essential oil requires great dexterity and patience. The flowers are carefully cut by hand early in the morning, one by one, and laid gently in baskets before being sent off for distillation.

It  5.5 million roses to make one liter of rose oil, making this oil one of the most expensive oils in the world. Often referred to as “liquid gold,”each drop of rose essential oil is made from 30 roses.

Rose is traditionally associated with the heart and emotions, soothing heart-ache and sadness while encouraging positive feelings of love and understanding.  This oil is also great for mature or dull skin as it encourages healthy circulation, promotes cell regeneration, and supports an overall vibrant complexion.

White Rose has the beautiful scent of fresh blossoms with more complexity and sweetness than Rose Otto. White Rose is the rarest of all rose oils and only several liters are produced in Bulgaria each year. It takes 50-60 million White Rose flowers to produce a liter of essential oil.
 White Rose  is used in some of the world’s finest and most expensive perfumes, but you can make your own at home by diluting it with a carrier oil. Add a few drops to your facial moisturizer for an ultra luxurious facial treatment.
Lemon Balm, also known as Melissa Officinalis, has been around for over 2,000 years. This essential oil is produced in limited quantities each year due to its low yield, making it rare and valuable. Melissa must be harvested and distilled at a specific time of its blossoming to maintain the full potential of the precious oil.
Referred to as “the elixir of life” by the ancient Greek philosopher Paracelsus, Lemon Balm’s citrusy green scent soothes and supports the nervous system. It’s regarded as one of the most powerful relaxants in aromatherapy. For skincare, try blending a drop of Lemon Balm with 1oz of your favorite moisturizer and apply to blemish-prone areas.


Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is a rare and costly essential oil due to it’s complex and seasonally-dependent cultivation process. Because of this, it is often falsified or adulterated with citronella or lemongrass in the marketplace to mimic its scent without the price. Within our tiny bottle you have only straight-up pure Lemon Verbena essential oil.

A drop of Lemon Verbena can brighten any personal perfume blend or homemade skincare product. Breathe in its beautiful scent for an uplifting and calming sense of wellbeing.
Let the luxury of these amazing oils transport your soul while nourishing your body. Good things come in tiny bottles!
Article by: Carla Cohen