Destination Diffusion: The South of France


From the warm, sun-soaked fields of Provence to the sparkling Mediterranean coast, take a journey with us to the South of France. Our three new diffusion blends celebrate the lush botanicals of this region, bringing you a breath of a far-off place. 


First off, we have AIX-EN-PROVENCE:
From the lavender fields of Provence to the charming window boxes and vibrant flower markets, the South of France blooms with color and fragrance. A soft, rosy scent, our Aix-en-Provence blend has bright top notes of geranium grounded in fresh lavender & clary sage. 

Next, let’s head to AVIGNON:
The Provencal landscape of Southern France abounds in fragrant herbs that gently perfume the sun-drenched countryside. Inspired by a French aromatic garden, our Avignon blend features a refreshing green scent of rosemary, basil and balmy lemon verbena. 


Lastly, we have CANNES:
The city of Cannes sits on the sparkling French Mediterranean coast amid craggy shores where cypress, firs and juniper thrive. Our Cannes blend emulates this fresh, invigorating and grounding landscape with a warm medley of coniferous oils balanced with soft notes of clary sage and rock rose

To use any of our diffusion blends, simply add 4-5 drops to your favorite diffuser and enjoy!