Tips for a Relaxed & Refreshed Morning

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Simple Tips for Peace & Balance

Does your morning start with hitting the snooze button excessively, wishing you could just stay in bed? Do you rush through your morning, grabbing breakfast on the go and spending mindless minutes on social media?

Studies show that the way we begin our day can have a significant impact on how the overall day unfolds. Starting off the day feeling refreshed and relaxed requires a great morning routine. Just small changes in the way you start your day can make a difference. 

Here are ten simple ideas to get you started in feeling more productive, confident, and more relaxed throughout your day.

Our Top 10 Ways to Start the Day

1. Never start the day off with a cell phone in hand. If you need to check morning e-mails or messages, try and wait at least 30 minutes before picking up your phone.

2. Clear your mind with some morning meditation, journaling, or yoga.

3. Grab your favorite morning beverage and sit by a window to enjoy a moment free of distractions.

4. Diffuse some essential oils in your space while you enjoy your morning routine. We love Aromacalm for this. You could also try our Zen Diffusion Blend or even just some simple Lavender.

5. Make sure to give yourself enough time to get ready. If needed, set your alarm 15 minutes early to enjoy a relaxing morning routine without the rush.

6. Eat a healthy breakfast and maybe a green juice or smoothie.

7. Move your body to wake up your muscles and your mind.

8. Set some intentions for how you want your day to be. Writing them down each morning can be helpful.

9. Be consistent. This is the only way to begin establishing healthy habits for your morning routine.

10. Take some deep breaths and express gratitude.

We hope these help you enjoy your mornings and approach your day with a relaxed, refreshed mindset!