Dreaming of Warm, Spring Days

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 | Article by: Mathilde Hardy

     If you’re from the northern part of the Midwest, then you know that winters last an eternity. You’re sick of being hunkered down in your house or cabin and all you want is to walk out of your house in a light jacket. No coat, hat, or gloves required. 

     It’s a hopeless feeling, and there’s very little that can be done (unless it’s in your budget to go to Arizona for a week). However, here are some ways that can help you feel closer to springtime in an affordable and easy way. 

    While this one takes practice, visualization is a great way to feel closer to spring and all it takes is 5 minutes. I like to imagine myself outside in the springtime laughing. I visually and physically try to feel the rays of sunlight, and in some visualizations I’m eating my favorite ice cream while walking on the side of a lake. These are just some examples, so feel free to dream up your ideal spring day. 

     Another way to feel closer to spring is through scent. What scents or smells bring you back to your favorite days from the spring or summer? What emotional memories do they evoke? Personally, Neroli brings me back to my childhood summers. When I feel especially dreary, I diffuse 3-5 drops or I mix a few drops with some lotion

     Now, if you’re from a big city chances are that there is at least one conservatory botanical garden near you. In the winter time, you can enjoy a nice stroll in “nature” with 70-80 degree temperatures without leaving the state. Many of these gardens have no entrance fee and are open to the public. 

     In the wintertime, it’s especially important to take care of your physical health. For example, many doctors suggest exercising a certain amount. But sometimes when it’s -15 degrees outside all you want to do is stay cozy inside. That’s why hot yoga might be for you. It’s a great exercise and it’s hot. Like super hot. After entering the yoga room it’ll feel like you’re in Florida. 

      So friends, I hope that with these suggestions you’ll start to feel just a little closer to spring. Before you know it, the snow will be gone and the birds will be singing!