Dear Veriditas,

I’m a student of Tanya Sowards and she suggested your oils to me last fall. I have had amazing results with the ones I have tried. I also received excellent help from a Veriditas Botanicals representative at Lakewinds one day who suggested a variety of oils for my son who is away at college and had been struggling with a hacking cough and cold symptoms for several months. He took the oils in a suspension of organic olive oil and after a couple of days was considerably better and after a week, said he hadn’t felt this good in months.

I have been promoting your products to anyone and everyone. I mixed up little bottles for my sister, sister-in-law and best friend when all were dealing with similar winter illnesses as my son. I have no less than 15 bottles from the Rose Facial Oil (love, love, love) to the Immunity Boost that I use when I brush my skin before showering. I have Crohn’s Disease which can cause depressed immune systems but I have not had a cold or the flu or any illness this winter. Coincidence? I think not! I do love your products and would love to attend a workshop to gain more information on using them for both health and beauty. If you have an email list, please add me to it so I can be up to date on all things Veriditas Botanicals!

Lil –Minneapolis, MN