[…]But the real star of the show during my pregnancy was the single oil, helichrysum. I rubbed a drop or two onto my growing belly once every morning and evening for the entire 9 months.

As the pregnancy and subsequent weight gain marched on, I applied a drop or two to my arms and thighs as well. And after 85 lbs. of baby weight gain and lost and I have no stretch marks, NOT ONE.

I like to think that I took good care of myself but pregnancy made me tired and not consider very many aspects of beauty or body maintenance. My skin stretched more than I ever thought possible but you’d never know it looking at me today and I really believe that your helichrysum was the golden ticket.

And I have you all to thank.

I would NEVER have trusted another brand’s quality or honesty when applying an essential oil to my very pregnant stomach with my daughter growing just a thin layer of skin away.

Maybe it sounds like bragging to say that I can show off my stomach without hesitation and even surprise some with smooth, clear skin but for those with children there can be a certain amount of mourning for one’s pre-pregnancy body when stretch marks come into play. And there’s nothing wrong with embracing them, too. But I feel that I found a way around them. And that makes me really happy.

I will continue to recommend your line to any and everyone.

Thank you so much,
Renee Gherity