Dear Veriditas,

I am a massage therapist, touch is my life, passion, and love! While I love the healing that I facilitate, sometimes I come in contact with elements (plantars warts) that clients don’t inform me of. One such case happened, I noticed a small wart forming on the top of my hand. Now, please understand that in the past when I’ve needed wart removal it has taken SEVERAL series of burning/freezing to deaden the virus. Well, once I started using the “wart treatment” (1drop/2xdaily) the wart was COMPLETELY VANISHED after 2 weeks, and, per the directions, I continued treatment one more week to ensure the virus was dead. THANK YOU VERIDITAS!!! This is truly a blend that anyone who touches feet should incorporate, both in use on clients & themselves.”

Massaging Maven — MPLS, MN