Aromashield Defense Collection

Enjoy the outdoors without the ouch – and subsequent itch. 

Exploring the outdoors can quickly turn unpleasant when insects start buzzing and biting. How can we lessen our chances of getting bitten, reduce the redness and itchiness, and speed up the healing? Grab some powerfully formulated essential oil blends, like those found in Pranarom’s Aromashield collection.

Nature’s Solution

One of the reasons why plants make essential oils is to help them cope with their environment. Essential oils are part of the plant’s natural defense mechanism, bolstering the plant’s immune system and protecting against predators, including insects.

The great thing is that we can use these same essential oils to help protect ourselves. After all, our bodies are made up of many of the same molecules as plants.

It’s amazing how well a carefully thought out blend of essential oils can work to keep bugs away. Over the years, I’ve used essential oils to combat a moth infestation in my apartment, prevent ants from marching into my NYC storefront, and thwart mosquitoes, flies and ticks from attacking me while hiking or camping.

Quality and Methodology

Creating the right synergy of essential oils is not easy. When I first started blending 20 years ago, it took me a few times to get it right.  After many trials and errors, I learned two key factors that ultimately make blends successful:  1) the quality of the essential oils used, and 2) the methodology – knowing which essential oils enhance and support each other most powerfully get the synergy that you want.

Pranarom has formulated 3 blends that make up the Aromashield Defense Collection:  the Bug Bite Eraser, the Defense Roll-on, and the Defense Spray. Each of these products have been carefully and scientifically researched to both offer protection and provide relief if you do get bitten or stung. Plus, they smell really good!

So, what makes them work so well?

The essential oils are blended together to create a true synergy:  a blend that is more powerful than each individual component that composes it.

Creating a Synergy

Both the Aromashield Spray and the Aromashield Roll-on have the same synergy of essential oils, including Rose Geranium, Citronella, and Clove. Individually, each of these oils contains molecules that help defend against bugs.

For example, Citronella works to confuse insects by covering up scents that attract them (i.e. the scent of your skin). Clove bud, on the other hand, is repulsive to bugs and evaporates slowly, extending the efficacy of the blend. Rose Geranium works in a similar way, but is also gentle on the skin, helping to dilute the other stronger essential oils so that they’re safe, but still effective. Combined, the essential oils complement each other’s strengths, while supporting any weaknesses.

Now let’s look at the Aromashield Bug Bite Eraser.  This product is designed to calm the after-effects of bites and stings, so this simple essential oil blend is formulated to soothe and promote healing. Peppermint and Clove essential oil bring warming icy/hot relief for itchiness and discomfort, while Tea Tree and Lavender work to soothe the area.

Natural Multitaskers

Unlike the harsh aromas of synthetic chemical bug products, the Aromaforce line’s strong and effective blends smell lovely and have a clearing, cleansing and fortifying effect. As always, essential oils do more than one thing at once – in this instance protecting against bugs while promoting mental clarity and overall well-being. I’ve even found myself reaching for the Aromashield roll-on and the Aromashield spray as part of my daily routine while I’m in the city – protecting myself as I dodge the urban “bugs,” like crowded sidewalks and grocery store aisles!

Enjoying the outdoors does not have to involve harsh chemicals – we can use the same “shield” that nature uses to protect ourselves – and the environment. Find out more about the Pranarom Aromashield Defense line at

post by | Amy Galper, B.A. MA. Certified Aromatherapist
Amy is a nationally celebrated educator, author, entrepreneur and formulator in the world of organic health and wellness. She is the co-author of “Plant Powered Beauty,” and her new book, the “Ultimate Guide to Aromatherapy,” will be launching fall 2020. Amy’s passion is empowering and inspiring others through a holistic lens that starts with mindfulness and reflection, leading to total wellbeing. Learn more about Amy at and on Instagram @amygalper.