Our Different Solutions

Essential Oils

Plants produce natural, aromatic oils that function as the plant’s immune system, supporting and defending its overall health. By distilling these oils, we can utilize these benefits for our health and wellbeing, too.

Virgin Plant Oils

Cold pressed from organic nuts and seeds, our Virgin Plant Oils are packed with soothing essential fatty acids, antioxidants, ceramides and aromatic compounds. These oils infuse hair, skin and nails with nourishment and function as a carrier for essential oils.


Deeply hydrating and refreshing, these pure botanical waters are the co-product of the essential oil steam distillation process. Hydrosols contain the water-soluble constituents of the plant: gentle and nourishing elements that replenish skin with plant-based vitality.


Diffusion is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of essential oils. Freshen your home, support your health and enjoy your favorite scents all at once. Easy to use, simply fill our ultrasonic diffusers with water to their indicated fill line before adding a few drops of your chosen essential oil or blend.

Diffusion blends

Introducing organic and sustainable artisanal blends developed in Grasse, France – the historic perfumery region located along the French Riviera. Each custom blend features 3 note scales – top notes, heart notes and base notes to help soothe, energize or lift your emotions. Blended and bottled in Minneapolis, MN USA.

Wellness blends

Professionally blended essential oils for holistic, alternative solutions for everyday health concerns. From topical relief to immune support, each blend provides fast and effective results.

Gift sets

Our Gifts & Seasonal Favorites feature some of our best-selling products and special editions in beautiful packaging!