Aromashield: Safe for You and the Environment!

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Get out and explore. We’ve got you safely covered!

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are warming up across the country – it’s time to head outdoors and enjoy some much-needed sunshine. But, there’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a beautiful day out in nature when those pesky, uninvited, pests arrive on the scene.

The challenge often becomes “how do we protect ourselves from the mosquitos, fleas, ticks, etc, while still protecting ourselves from all the unwanted chemicals?” Most insect repellants on the market today contain shocking amounts of toxic chemicals. Have you ever read the warning label on products that contain Deet? Yikes!! We must remember that our skin is the largest organ in our body, and anything we put on it can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Bug Spray 101

There are two main categories of bug sprays: insecticides and repellents. The Environmental Protection Agency has classified both of these as pesticides in the United States. A pesticide can be classified as any substance or a combination of substances that is intended for:

• Preventing
• Destroying
• Repelling, or
• Mitigating any pest

Insecticides by definition are substances that are used to kill insects. Repellents, on the other hand, are substances that are used to repel insects from landing and climbing on surfaces.

While many of these products have been approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), there are many organizations that find some of these products to be harmful to us and the environment. Getting educated on what we put in and on our body is more important than ever.

A Safe Alternative

At Pranarom, we put you and your safety first! Our products are made using the power of certified organic essential oils with absolutely no harsh synthetics and chemicals. Safe for you, your family, and the environment!

So, the next time you are heading out to enjoy a day outdoors, you have a safe choice. We have you covered with our Aromashield line of products and some exciting new additions. We even have a line for kids! Let’s take a closer look.

NEW Aromashield Forest & Field Defense Spray: Deep woods, thick grass and ticks don’t stand a chance against this power-house spray. This product is not for children under 12 years old – check out our Aromashield Defense Spray for Kids, instead.

Aromashield After-Bite Eraser: New name, same great product! Made with Lavender, Peppermint, and Clove, this product provides immediate relief for itchy bug bites while promoting healing. This product is a great addition to your first aid kit. And now in a kid’s version too!

NEW Aromashield Outdoor Defense Diffusion Blend: Made with Citronella and Rose Geranium are sure to keep the bugs at bay so you can enjoy the outdoors. Great added to a diffuser or to our Aromatherapy Bracelet. This product comes in a kid’s version, too!

Aromashield Defense Spray: Our classic Aromashield Defense spray is great for protecting you from those pesky flying pests. It also has a pleasant, light aroma! And now in a kid’s version too!

You may have to apply natural bug repellants a little more often than our chemical counterparts, but it’s worth it!

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Stay healthy and have fun!

Article by: Carla Cohen

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Immunity and You!

So, what exactly is an immune system? Our immune system is a complex network of cells and proteins that defend our bodies against infection. With the pandemic still upon us, now more than ever is the importance of keeping our immune system strong. When our immune system is functioning properly, we are able to fight off diseases, viruses, infections and more. So, what can we do to build our immune system so we can continue to lead a happy and vibrant life? Your first line of defense in building your immune system is to lead a healthy lifestyle. The choices you make each day can make a significant contribution to your overall health. Here are just a few lifestyle choices that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and building overall immunity: • EATING A DIET RICH IN FRUIT AND VEGETABLES: Have you heard the idea of “eat the rainbow”? We want to make sure that we eat fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors. When we do this, our bodies get the essential nutrients they need. You see, plants contain different pigments, or phytonutrients that give them their color and different colors mean different health benefits. • GETTING ADEQUATE SLEEP: Ideally our bodies need between seven and nine hours of quality sleep to recharge and keep our immune system strong. Sleep is important for our bodies to rest and repair. Research has shown that during sleep our bodies have an increase in cytokine production. Cytokines act as messengers in the body for the immune system and need to increase when you have an infection or inflammation. Sleep deprivation may decrease the production of these protective cytokines, leaving our bodies vulnerable. • MANAGING STRESS LEVELS: When our bodies are under stress, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced making us more susceptible to infections. Long term stress weakens the immune system due to a decrease in the body’s lymphocytes, the white blood cells that help fight off infection. Did you know that there are essential oils that can also support building up the immune system? We have some great organic essential oils in our product line that do just that! Here are just a few: Immunity Boost This versatile blend made with Lavender, Eucalyptus radiata, and Tea Tree is great for supporting overall immune health. You can inhale or diffuse to nourish your natural defenses and refresh your respiratory system. Also, great for dry brushing. Oregano Oil Oregano essential oil is steam-distilled from the plants’ fresh leaves and twigs, making an extremely potent and clear yellow oil that may be used to support a healthy immune system. This oil can be diffused and is great added to a cleaning solution. Always dilute Oregano Oil as it can cause irritation at high levels. This oil can also be used internally in our Mini Cap form which is already diluted for your safety. Aromaforce Immune Defense This powerful blend featuring Eucalyptus and Rosemary is here to support and defend immune and respiratory health. Immune Defense can be used topically or diffused to purify indoor air. Easy to use and great for travelling! We also have a great chest rub featuring this great blend. Check it out here! There are many other oils that support immunity. Check out Lavender, Tea Tree, and Frankincense, too. On Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest? Come by and say hi. You can find us @Pranarom_usa. Stay healthy! Article by: Carla Cohen

Aromacalm Stress Relief

Life in the Slow Lane Everyone experiences stress over time, but did you know that long-term stress can have a detrimental effect on your over-all health? In today’s society, we are bombarded with daily stressors. From the pandemic, working long hours, time spent on our devices, etc. it’s easy to see how one can become overwhelmed with everyday life. Unfortunately, our culture is hyper focused on “do more” and get “more,” when what we really need to do is SLOW down. Ask yourself how often your thoughts are focused on what you didn’t do yesterday and what you need to do tomorrow or next week, versus just being present in the moment. When we are constantly thinking about the past and future, this can bring about a lot of stress and anxiety to our mind and body. Bringing ourselves to be present can really help to bring calm and relaxation to our mind and body. Staying present has shown many benefits. Here are just a few: Better focus and concentration Increased memory Clearer decision making Improved physical and mental health Deeper connections with the people around you Essential Oils for Stress Relief and Relaxation Both yoga and meditation are great ways to bring yourself more present in your day to promote relaxation. But, did you know that there are certain essential oils such as Lavender and Ylang Ylang that can relax your mind and body? At Pranarom, we have harnessed the relaxing power of essential oils and created an exciting line with our new Aromacalm collection. At the heart of our Aromacalm products is a deeply soothing blend of citrus and floral essential oils, both high in d-limonene, combat negative emotions with their bright scent while promoting relaxation. Ylang Ylang is traditionally associated with joy and hope, its smooth floral essence uplifting the spirit and encouraging an elevated mind. Complementary notes of Lavender support rest and tension-release. Aromacalm Stress Relief Products Let’s take a closer look at this exciting new collection of products. Diffusion Blend Create a soothing atmosphere that encourages rest and well-being. Diffuse this citrus and floral blend during the day to release tension, or before bedtime to prepare for sleep. Room and Linen Spray Whether at home or on-the-go, create a soothing, restorative atmosphere with this convenient spray. Mist pillows and sheets for a refreshing, calming sleep environment. Stress Relief Roll-On Prediluted and packaged with a rollerball, allows you to take tranquility wherever you go. Apply to wrists and pulse points! Massage Oil Soothe tension in muscles and joints with this fusion of cold pressed jojoba and our Aromacalm essential oil blend. Our Relaxing Massage Oil has a velvet feel with a light, uplifting aroma. Mouth Spray Designed to provide deep calming relief when life becomes overwhelming. Our Aromacalm Mouth Spray is formulated with date syrup for safe internal use and has a pleasant, sweet and herbaceous taste. Keep on hand for stressful situations and allow the soothing power of nature to calm and uplift you. Next time you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, take a pause, breathe deep, be present and let Aromacalm encourage peace and balance. Your body and mind will thank you.