Certified Organic Skincare: Easy as 1-2-3!

Pranarom Certified Organic Calm Facial Mist, Calm Treatment Oil, Pure Cleansing Oil, Glow Treatment Oil, Glow Facial Mist, Clear Treatment Moisture Oil, and Clear Facial Mist bottles.

What’s in your Skincare?

>Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Many studies have shown that you can absorb about 70% of what you put on your skin. Unfortunately, in the US, the skincare industry’s regulation is weak. This makes it critically important to know what’s in your skincare products and buy from brands you trust.

Our Plant Beautiful skincare line is made with 100% certified organic essential oils and offers simple luxury in three easy steps that are effortless, yet effective. Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize, easy as 1-2-3!

Pure Cleansing Oil


Within each of the Plant Beautiful collections, we begin with the Pure Cleansing Oil, made with organic virgin apricot kernel oil plus a refreshing essential oil blend featuring sweet orange, mandarin, frankincense, & ylang ylang. Cleansing with oil is the most effective way to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt & debris without stripping the skin of its own natural oils, or moisture barrier. This won’t leave your skin feeling oily, like you may think.

Calm, Glow, Clear: Skincare for your Skin Type

CALM: Normal to Sensitive Skin

After cleansing with our Pure Cleansing Oil, the next step is our Calm Soothing Facial Mist. Made with certified organic lemon balm, roman chamomile, and lavender waters plus cooling aloe vera, this soothing facial mist calms and gently hydrates sensitive skin, preparing it for treatments to follow.

The last step is our Calm Moisture Treatment Oil. Made with organic virgin plant oils of apricot kernel, borage, and calendula, plus certified organic essential oils of vanilla, roman chamomile and lavender, this soothing facial treatment oil delivers gentle, soothing nourishment to sensitive, irritated skin.

GLOW: For Normal, Dry and Aging Skin

After cleansing with our Pure Cleansing Oil, we move onto our Glow Radiant Facial Mist. Made with certified organic rose otto, ylang ylang, rose geranium and frankincense waters plus soothing aloe vera, this radiant facial mist soothes and revitalizes dry or aging skin, preparing it for your final step of the Glow Moisture Treatment Oil.

This product is made with organic virgin plant oils of camellia, rosehip, argan, and pomegranate plus certified organic essential oils including rose otto and vetiver, this nourishing facial treatment oil helps restore radiance and luminosity to dry skin and skin experiencing signs of aging.

CLEAR: For Oily or Blemish Prone Skin

After cleansing with our Pure Cleansing Oil, next is our Clear Facial Mist, made with certified organic peppermint, ylang ylang, and frankincense waters plus soothing aloe vera, this balancing facial mist soothes & tonifies oily or blemish-prone skin.

Finally, our Clear Moisture Treatment Oil. Made with willow bark extract and black cumin virgin plant oil plus certified organic essential oils of frankincense and blue tansy, this balancing facial treatment oil lightly nourishes oily skin while working to combat breakouts and blemishes.

Take a look at our latest quick video of our easy three step skincare routine.

article by: Carla Cohen

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Precious Flower Water Hydrosols

WHAT IS A HYDROSOL? First let’s get to the basics. What is a hydrosol? Simply put, a hydrosol is an aromatic water that is the co-product of distillation. When essential oils are made, the plant matter is put into a large still with water. The water is then heated, and steam is produced. Since essential oils are hydrophobic, meaning they separate from water, the essential oils rise to the top. The residual water left over after steam distillation is a hydrosol. While hydrosols don’t contain essential oils, they do contain about 1-2% of the chemical constituents of the oil.The aromas of Hydrosols are much lighter and more subtle since they are not concentrated like an essential oil. They are gentle and safe for most everyone. Our new Precious Flower Water Hydrosols are distilled from fresh blossoms, never dried material, resulting in delightfully scented aromatic waters that are suitable for even the most delicate skin. Non-aerosol compressed air technology preserves the vitality of the hydrosol while producing a long-lasting scent. The great thing about the compressed air is you get a continuous, extra fine mist that is pure luxury for the skin. BENEFITS OF HYDROSOLS Here are some great benefits of incorporating hydrosols into your daily routine:• Hydrating the skin• Reducing inflammation• Calming and soothing irritation of the skin• Calm nervous tension THREE LUXURIOUS OPTIONS • Damask Rose This Hydrosol has a toning and tightening effect, encouraging circulation, and restoring radiance and vitality to the complexion.• Lavender Gently soothes and calms, making it ideal for delicate or irritated skin, minor burns, and after-sun care.• Neroli This hydrosol has an uplifting, revitalizing effect on skin, smoothing out tension, relaxing muscles and restoring a healthy glow. TIPS FOR USEThe hydrosols can be sprayed directly onto the skin and into the scalp for pure luxury. They are great for hydration and restoring moisture to tired dry skin. Here are some additional great ways to use these exciting new products:• Use as a facial toner• Spray on face throughout the day for extra hydration• Freshen up clothing• Pair with Extra Virgin Plant oils for extra absorption• Apply before your favorite VPO to seal in moisture.• Mist on pillow before sleep. What is your favorite way to use hydrosols? Let us know in the comments below. On Instagram? Come by and say hi. You can find us @Pranarom_usa. Article by: Carla Cohen

Aromatherapy Candle DIY

Simple. Pure. 100% Natural. Who doesn’t love the scent of a beautiful candle? But did you know that many candles are made with toxic ingredients? While store-bought candles smell amazing, often times they are made with waxes and wicks that contain toxins. Making your own candles is very simple, and who doesn’t love something handmade. You only need a handful of ingredients.So, let’s get started. First you will need a container for your candle. You could use a metal tin or a glass jar. We chose glass, so you can see the beauty in the layers of the different colors of wax. There are so many jar options available, from recycled jelly jars to ones you can buy in craft stores and on the web.Next you will need wax. Here we are using beeswax. There are many waxes on the market, but we love the organic feel of beeswax. Beeswax comes in different forms: blocks of beeswax and pastilles. The pastilles are mini pellets of beeswax that melt much quicker. You will also find a couple of options in the color. The difference between the waxes is slight: The yellower beeswax is straight from the hive, while the white beeswax is naturally bleached by exposing in thin layers to air and sunlight. For this candle we chose to use both types of beeswax to give a layered look. The choice is up to you. It will not change the functionality of the candle one bit. Next is the wick. We chose hemp wick because it burns slower than other wicks making your candle last longer. It also has a lower temperature flame with little to no smoke. Finally, the essential oils. This is where the fun comes in. You get to go on a sensory journey and play with different scent combos. You will need about 40-50 drops of essential oil for your candle. Some oils are stronger, and their scents dissipate more slowly. If you are looking for a stronger scented candle, choose a combination of these:• Pine• Eucalyptus• Rosemary• Sweet Orange• PeppermintHere are some scent combos that we love:Floral: Rose Geranium+ LavenderWoodsy: Sandalwood + Cedarwood + OrangeFresh: Lemongrass + Mint DIY Instructions Step-by-Step Supplies:6 oz Glass Jar7.5 oz. Beeswax 40-50 Drops of Essential Oils1 Hemp WickInstructions: 1. Stick the wick to the bottom of jar using a little melted wax.2. Hold wick up using two sticks tied together at each end, with your wick in the middle3. Place beeswax in a double broiler on stovetop4. Melt beeswax until completely dissolved5. Remove from stove6. Let cool slightly7. Stir in essential oils8. Pour into jar9. Let cool*If layering the two waxes, follow the steps above but use half the amount of wax for each color. Pour the first color and let sit until set and then follow with the next color. One thing to keep in mind when making candles with essential oils is that the fragrance is subtle. If you are looking for a stronger scent, you may want to diffuse your oils. Or better yet, a combination of the two. Who doesn’t love the beautiful scent of diffused oils while enjoying the flicker of a candle? A powerful relaxing combo indeed! Feel free to make it your own combinations and make sure to have some fun! If you do make a candle, be sure to tag us on Instagram at @pranarom_usa. We would love to see what you come up with! Article by: Carla Cohen