Topical Relief with Aromalgesic!

Pranarom Certified Organic Aromalgesic Muscle & Joint Gel-Cream and Spray bottles with green background.

Natural Solutions for Soreness & Tensions

After a hard work out or a long day at the computer, our muscles can often feel tense and sore. We may just have what you need to get you through the day!

Our Aromalgesic line of products are perfect for easing discomfort and aiding your body to support the natural healing process. This line is infused with pure essential oils that provide immediate, on-the-spot relief. Let’s check out this exciting line-up.

Muscle & Joint Gel-Cream – This concentrated gel-cream provides immediate, lasting relief for muscle tension, as well as joint stiffness and discomfort. It’s lightweight and non-greasy, so no need to worry about it getting on your clothes and textiles.

Muscle & Joint Spray – This concentrated, non-aerosol compressed air spray provides immediate, lasting relief for muscle and joint stiffness and discomfort. This oil-free formula absorbs quickly for a great mess-free application on-the-go.

Warming Muscle Rescue Oil – Available in two sizes, this warming oil is enriched with Arnica to soothe skin upon application. Great for a sports massage.

Heavy Head Rescue Roller – Infused with Peppermint, Basil, Wintergreen & Lemongrass essential oils, this rescue roller provides cooling relief for neck and shoulder tension. This skin-safe formula is pre-diluted for smooth topical application.

Just Plain Relief Roller – A blend of Peppermint, Clove Bud, Lavender, & Helichrysum essential oils, this on-the-spot roller penetrates deep into the skin for a lasting icy-hot sensation. This product is ultra- concentrated and is great on larger joints and muscles.

So, what makes these products so powerful? Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients in these products that deliver the results.

Active Ingredients

Arnica– This herb grows mainly in Siberia and central Europe, as well as temperate climates in North America. It’s sometimes called the “mountain daisy” because its color and petals look very similar to a daisy. Arnica was first recognized in the sixteenth century and has been used homeopathically for years. It’s often used for:
• Muscle soreness and aches
• Bruising
• Joint discomfort

Wintergreen – This minty-fresh and sweet essential oil is traditionally derived from the wintergreen plant and is best known for its soothing and calming properties. Wintergreen contains the organic compound methyl salicylate, which is a common ingredient in cooling topical treatments. Wintergreen is often found in massage oils for muscle and joint relief due to its ability to relax muscles and help with discomfort.

Mint – This essential oil is a must have in any home pharmacy with its abundance of holistic uses. Its sweet and delightfully mint scent is cooling and refreshing. Mint essential oils are helpful in supporting circulation and are great applied to sore joints and muscles.

That’s just a few of the powerful ingredients in the Aromalgesic line. There are many more that work synergistically with each other to deliver results. Next time you are feeling soreness or tension, we hope you give some of these a try!

Article by: Carla Cohen

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The Difference of Pranarom

Everywhere you look these days, you can find essential oils. From health food stores, traditional grocery stores to even Walgreens, essential oils have become incredibly popular. Did you know that not all essential oils are created equal? Some of them can even be problematic to your health if not used properly. Why Certified Organic?So, for those of you who may not be familiar with essential oils, let’s do a little 101. Essential oils are naturally occurring compounds found in flowers, barks, seeds, and other parts of a plant. The oils are extracted from the plant matter through a process called distillation in which they separate the oils from the plant using steam or water. After distillation, a highly concentrated oil remains, which is the “essential oil”. While aromatic, they also have some highly complex properties. With almost all oils the aroma is what attracts you first – think of the smell of fresh zested lemon wafting through the air – but it’s the healing properties of the plant itself that you should mostly be considering. You see, the oils are part of the plant’s immune system. They help to ward off predators and disease for the plant and play a role in the pollination process. Nature is pretty amazing!Now, think about this: we are extracting the most concentrated essence of the plant. Here is where we get serious, and where not all essential oils are the same. If you buy an essential oil that was extracted from plants that have been sprayed with toxic pesticides, what do you think you’ll get? A highly toxic concentrated essential oil. So, if we inhale these inferior oils from our cute little diffusers or put them on our skin, we can actually be causing more harm to our bodies than good. Core ValuesSo, what makes us at Pranarom different? First, we start with sustainably harvest organic plants that have been distilled or pressed into pure oils. As experts in Scientific Aromatherapy, we safely harness the active properties of plants for vibrant health and wellness. Next, 100% of our products are certified organic through ECOCERT ICO. ECOCERT certification has rigorous standards that go beyond traditional USDA organic. We are very proud of this commitment to third-party verification and the positive impact it provides. Our support of organic and sustainable growing practices benefits the farmers and the environment while improving the overall potency and purity of essential oils. Our commitment to quality means absolutely NO synthetics, NO pesticides, NO herbicides, NO adulterants, NO extenders, NO additives, NO GMOs, and NO animal testing.Of all essential oils sold throughout the world, only a fraction are actually certified organic. At Pranarom, 100% of our products are certified organic and exceed all certification to ensure our brand promise. Each lot of organic oil is third party certified organic, GS/MS (Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry) and CTEO (Chemotyped Essential Oils). 360 Degree WellnessPranarom has a long history with Essential oils and has been around since 1975 and continues to add to its already extensive product line. Our line-up has products that support your body, mind, and your environment. We like to look at this as 360 degrees of wellness. Here is how we break our line down: Build These are products for building immunity. This includes many of our single note essential oils, Aromaforce Immune Defense, and some of our wellness blends. Defend & Protect These are products for defending and protecting you against viruses, bacteria, germs and even seasonal pests. This category includes our single note essential oils, our Aromaforce line, Aromashiled, Good Samaritan collection and some of our kits. Repair & Restore These products are great for repairing and restoring the body during and after illness as well as injury. Included in this category are single note essential oils, Aromaforce, Aromalgesic, Mini-Caps, wellness formulas and our Extra Virgin Plant oils. Beautify These products are all about beautifying the skin by harvesting the power of plant botanicals. We have a beautiful yet simple line of skin care that’s easy as 1-2-3, that makes your daily skin care routine a breeze. Aromatize This category of products is all about aromatizing your environment in a non-toxic way. We have many diffuser blends as well as some beautiful diffusers that are a great way to enjoy aromatherapy in your home or office. Our extensive line of offerings are here to support you year round in your life of abundance and wellness. We hope you continue to enjoy our products as much as we do! Article by: Carla Cohen