Destination Diffusion: The South of France

Pranarom Certified Organic Bois de Cannes, Pompelmo di Calabria, Fleurs de Aix-En-Provence, Herbs de Avignon, Limone di Sorrento, Arancia di Valencia Diffusion Blend bottles with green plant background.

From the warm, sun-soaked fields of Provence to the sparkling Mediterranean coast, take a journey with us to the South of France. Our three new diffusion blends celebrate the lush botanicals of this region, bringing you a breath of a far-off place.

First off, we have AIX-EN-PROVENCE:
From the lavender fields of Provence to the charming window boxes and vibrant flower markets, the South of France blooms with color and fragrance. A soft, rosy scent, our Aix-en-Provence blend has bright top notes of geranium grounded in fresh lavender & clary sage.

Next, let’s head to AVIGNON:
The Provencal landscape of Southern France abounds in fragrant herbs that gently perfume the sun-drenched countryside. Inspired by a French aromatic garden, our Avignon blend features a refreshing green scent of rosemary, basil and balmy lemon verbena.

Lastly, we have CANNES:
The city of Cannes sits on the sparkling French Mediterranean coast amid craggy shores where cypress, firs and juniper thrive. Our Cannes blend emulates this fresh, invigorating and grounding landscape with a warm medley of coniferous oils balanced with soft notes of clary sage and rock rose.

To use any of our diffusion blends, simply add 4-5 drops to your favorite diffuser and enjoy!

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Pranarom Certified Organic Lemongrass, Ginger, and Orange, Sweet Essential Oil bottles with oranges and ginger background.


Aromaderm: Organic Skincare Solutions

Defend, Soothe & Promote Healing Powered by pure essential oils, plant extracts and virgin plant oils, our Aromaderm line addresses common skincare concerns, from first-aid to yellow nails. Easy to use, effective and certified organic, each product works to promote healing, calm discomfort, and leave skin feeling its best. Did you know that plants produce essential oils to help protect themselves against potential threats like bacteria, parasites, and fungi? If a plant is injured, the oils support healing and first-aid. Through topical use, we can utilize the many benefits of these same oils for our own skincare concerns. This is the basis of our new Aromaderm topical line. Prepared for direct application, you don’t need to worry about dilution or blending. The cream, serum & spray formulas are ready to use and easy to apply with results that you’ll love. Let’s take a look at our exciting line-up! Refreshing Leg Spray – Tone & Revitalize Tired Legs Made with an invigorating blend of botanical extracts, essential oils and aloe vera, this spray leaves skin feeling fresh, toned and hydrated. Fast-absorbing and non-greasy, it’s great after a long day of sitting or standing to relieve feelings of heaviness or puffiness in the legs, ankles and feet. Refreshing Leg Cream – Tone & Revitalize Tired Legs Our Refreshing Leg Cream combines the stimulating qualities of essential oils with moisturizing ingredients to relax and pamper tired legs. Made with field mint, helichrysum, cade juniper and red vine leaf, massage this cream into your legs, feet and ankles for a toning effect that leaves skin soft and refreshed. Essential Reparative Balm – Healing Support for Damaged Skin Support the skin’s natural ability to heal and renew itself with powerhouse oils that support regeneration, including Helichrysum and Cistus. Perfect for scars, abrasions, minor cuts and scrapes, blemishes and minor bruises. Hands & Feet Solution – Wart Support Target problematic growths on hands and feet with this powerful blend of essential oils, including Chinese Cinnamon, Tea Tree and May Chang. An applicator wand allows for easy, precise use. Healthy Nail Serum – For Yellow Nails This blend uses certified organic essential oils to target damaged, discolored, unhealthy nails. An applicator brush allows for clean/easy application, leaving the nail and surrounding skin conditioned and happy. Bye Bye Blemish Care – Spot Solution Balance, purify and calm blemish-prone skin with certified organic essential oils. This targeted formula comes with a wand applicator for easy spot treatment. Lip Sore Support – Cooling Relief Target problematic spots on the skin around the mouth area with the cooling relief of essential oils. We hope you enjoy our exciting new line of skincare solutions direct from nature’s pharmacy!

Transition to Spring: Bright Oils for Mood & Circulation

The transition from spring to winter can sometimes be difficult depending on where you live. Here in the Midwest, just when you think winter is over and the temps are warming up, we can be blasted with snow…Ugh! The harsh, cold temps and the gray days can have an effect on our mood, skin, and can sometimes give us a cold chill. That’s where the power of essential oils comes in. They can help lift our mood and, when paired with an extra virgin plant oil, can help restore moisture and life to the skin. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorites. Orange Essential OilBright, citrusy, and sweet, orange essential oil has an uplifting aroma and is great for boosting your mood. It’s also great for diffusing to achieve restful sleep and deep relaxation. Lemongrass Essential OilLemongrass with its bright, spicy lemon scent is one of the best known essential oils. We love this one in the diffuser, especially paired with other citruses to help purify the air and encourage calm and relaxation. Ginger Essential OilDistilled from the rhizome of the perennial Ginger herb, this essential oil has a warm, fresh and zesty aroma. It’s great paired with an extra virgin plant oil for massaging onto the abdomen when experiencing digestive issues.To help make the seasonal transition a little easier, we’ve rounded up some simple recipes for warming the bones, increasing circulation, and uplifting our moods as we eagerly await the full swing of spring. We hope you enjoy!Uplifting Diffusion Blend: 5 Drops of Pranarom Orange Essential Oil1 Drop of Pranarom Lemongrass Essential Oil1 Drop of Pranarom Ginger Essential OilAdd the essential oils to your favorite diffuser and breathe in bright the aroma!Warming Massage Oil Blend:1 Drop of Pranarom Ginger Essential Oil5 Drops of Pranarom Orange Essential Oil1 Drop of Pranarom Lemongrass Essential Oil1 oz. of Pranarom Argan Extra Virgin Plant OilAdd 1 oz. of Argan Extra Virgin Plant Oil to a small glass bottle with a pump. Top with essential oils and shake to combine. Add a couple pumps in the palm of your hand and treat yourself to a relaxing massage.Warming Foot Bath for Cold Feet:5 Drops of Pranarom Orange Essential Oil1 Drop of Pranarom Lemongrass Essential Oil1 Drop of Pranarom Ginger Essential Oil10 Drops of Argan Extra Virgin Plant Oil½ C. Epsom SaltsAdd Epsom salts to a glass or metal bowl. Add all the essential oils and extra virgin plant oil and stir until well combined. Place in a glass jar until ready to use. Add a couple tablespoons to a warm basin of water, insert your feet and enjoy!