DIY Morning Roll-on Blend

DIY Morning Roll-on Blend

Connect to Your Breath with This Gentle Aromatherapy Ritual

A blend of essential oils to stimulate and open your airways, encouraging you to gently move,stretch your body and get your blood flowing.

Essential Oils
  • 10 drops Spearmint (Mentha spicata) – More gentle and warming than peppermint, this oil can clear the fog from our minds and encourage us to inhale more deeply. Fresh and awakening.
  • 8 drops of Eucalyptus radiata (Eucalyptus radiata) drops – Connects us directly with our respiratory system, clearing away stagnancy, encouraging deeper inhales and slower exhales. Fresh and awakening; stimulates mind.
  • 16 drops Grapefruit (Citrus paradisii)Uplifting and positive, stimulating to digestion and circulation; joyful, clean and helps us let go (detox) to move forward.

Other Supplies
  • A glass roll-on bottle, 10 ml
  • A glass pirex measuring cup, or a glass beaker – something glass that has a little spout!
  • A metal spoon for stirring (it’s not advisable to use wood)
  • Measuring spoons.
  • Your favorite carrier oil (examples are jojoba, almond, argan – any will do!)
  • A label.

  1. In your glass measuring cup beaker, add 2 tsp of your favorite carrier oil.
  2. Add you essential oils.
  3. Use your metal spoon to blend all the oils together well.
  4. Once blended, carefully pour into the small opening of the glass roll-on bottle.
  5. Snap in the roll-on cap, screw on the lid, and shake gently.
  6. Create a name for your morning ritual, and write it on your label and attach to your bottle.

The Ritual
Prepare your roll-on the night before and set it next to your bed. First thing in the morning, take your roll-on and roll it directly under the center area on your upper chest directly beneath your clavicle bone. You can also roll it anywhere else you feel the need. Sitting in bed, slowly inhale as you raise your arms above your head, and lower your arms on the exhale. Do this 3 times.
This blend is also great for yoga or morning exercise routines. Whatever your morning looks like, you’ll love the awakening and refreshing effects of this blend. Breathe in deeply, and enjoy!

post by | Amy Galper, B.A. MA. Certified Aromatherapist

Amy is a nationally celebrated educator, author, entrepreneur and formulator in the world of organic health and wellness. She is the co-author of “Plant Powered Beauty,” and her new book, the “Ultimate Guide to Aromatherapy,” will be launching fall 2020. Amy’s passion is empowering and inspiring others through a holistic lens that starts with mindfulness and reflection, leading to total wellbeing. Learn more about Amy at and on Instagram @amygalper.

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