Grasse Diffusion Blends: Aromatics from the Perfume Capital of the World.

Grasse Diffusion Blends: Aromatics from the Perfume Capital of the World.

Take a trip with us into the marvelous city of Grasse, France: the inspiration for and birthplace of six Pranarom diffusion blends, and the perfume capital of the world.

In the southeast corner of France, surrounded by the Cote d’Azur, Provence and the French Alps, is the town of Grasse. This colorful medieval town is ideally situated for growing some of the world’s most exquisite aromatic botanicals, and through the years has become a hub for talented artists who skillfully blend the plant essences into complex and beautiful perfumes.

The town’s origin, however, was anything but sweet-smelling. Before the 1600s, Grasse was primarily known for its leather production. The tanning process involved the bacteria enzymes of animal waste to ferment the leather, making it soft and workable but leaving behind an extremely unpleasant odor.

The solution, of course, was perfume. And Grasse, with its unique microclimate and geographic placement, was perfect for growing and sourcing aromatic botanicals. The diverse altitudes of the nearby Alps, mild winters, hot summers, and plentiful sun provided an array of fragrant flowers whose essences could be distilled.

Today, Grasse still leads the aromatic industry. Although inevitably influenced by the rise of synthetic fragrances in the 20th century, the town remains largely committed to its heritage practices that protect the land and preserve the integrity of the oils.

A Culture of Artists

In addition to growing and distilling plants, Grasse is also renowned for its thriving culture of perfume artisans. These artists are known as “noses,” and are expertly trained to blend and recognize over 2,000 scents. We are very excited to have had Gerard Bertrand, a “nose” who specializes in blending pure essential oils, create our six Grasse diffusion blends: Provence, Zen, Meditation, Purity, Strength and Uplift.

Inspired by Grasse and its surrounding regions, each blend combines the art of perfumery and the science of aromatherapy. The result? Delightfully complex scents that benefit your health and are a joy to diffuse.

The herbaceous vitality of Provence is the inspiration behind this blend. Clean tops notes of Lavender and Rosemary are deepened with herbaceous notes of Clary Sage and refreshing Cedarwood and Black Spruce. Black Pepper and Eucalyptus infuse the blend with a beautifully complex freshness and warmth.


A celebration of harmony and balance. Reminiscent of warm, sun drenched orchards along the Mediterranean, Zen combines sparkling top notes of Mandarin and Sweet Orange with deep Exotic Verbena and Cedarwood.

An invigorating aroma of crisp pine needles, spearmint and ravintsara. Just a hint of eucalyptus, citrus and spice add dimension to this blend inspired by the fresh, mountain air.

With a base of three different varieties of Eucalyptus, Purity is fresh, sharp and clarifying. Notes of pine needles and mint deepen the blend, encouraging a renewed mind and a refreshed sense of well being.

Uplift is an ensemble of sparkling citruses to inspire and delight your senses. Spearmint and Star Anise complement Sweet Orange, Petitgrain, Lime, Bergamot and Lemon in a light, joyful blend.

Deep, resinous and spicy, our Meditation diffusion blend evokes the dry, arid desert from which our Frankincense comes. Rich notes of Patchouli, Frankincense, Cinnamon Leaf and Spikenard are balanced with Bergamot, Sweet Orange and Lime to create an aroma that is perfect for prayer or meditation.
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Article by: Hanna Stensgaard

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