Diffusion is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of essential oils. Freshen your home, support your health and enjoy your favorite scents all at once. Easy to use, simply fill our ultrasonic diffusers with water to their indicated fill line before adding a few drops of your chosen essential oil or blend.

What is a Diffuser? 

Perhaps you’ve seen one in a yoga class or massage studio – a device that distributes scented mist throughout a room. This soothing device is a diffuser.

Aromatherapy simply means utilizing essential oils for their health benefits. These natural oils may be diluted and applied to the skin or inhaled for a refreshing, therapeutic experience.

Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful, able to evoke emotions and memories with a single breath. The wonderful aromas of fresh-cut grass, dry leaves in the fall, or petrichor after rain can instantly transport you to another season or a special moment in time.  

An aromatherapy diffuser breaks down aromatic oil molecules and disperses a pleasant, long-lasting scent throughout a space. It presents an alternative to the topical application of essential oils. This is an excellent solution for those with skin sensitivity who still want to enjoy aromatherapy’s sensory and psychological benefits. 

Depending on your chosen setting, a diffuser will distribute the essential oil aroma throughout a room subtly and intermittently or steadily and powerfully. Depending on your diffuser model, you may also be able to program your essential oil diffuser to turn off automatically after a specific duration. This low-maintenance device works wonders. Immerse yourself in nature’s scent with fragrances like eucalyptus for stress relief or rosemary for improved concentration at work.

Pranarōm’s ultrasonic oil diffusers are sleek, minimalistic devices that emanate a light mist. But how exactly do essential oils turn into mist? 

A vibrating plate turns water into water vapor inside each ultrasonic diffuser – no heat or fan is needed. A high-frequency sound wave, silent to the human ear, causes the vibration. The negative ions produced contribute to that feeling of refreshment. When we breathe in essential oils, our lungs help transfer their health properties throughout the body while our olfactory nerves carry the health properties to our brain.

Without essential oils, a diffuser distributes scentless water vapor, performing the same function as a small humidifier. It’s a handy device to have around the house in dry climates. Whether you need to find a thoughtful, quality gift for a friend or want to elevate your own space, diffusers are quiet companions for any room.

Discover the Power of Diffusers 

Here are just a few of the many advantages of diffusers for essential oils. Remember that specific essential oils will provide more benefits depending on the ones you select.

Promotes Relaxation

Do you feel anxiety at certain times of the day, like morning or night? Turn on your diffuser to help create a calming, comforting atmosphere. Though aromatherapy has been enjoyed for thousands of years, a recent 2021 study confirmed that clinical nurses experienced reduced stress and boosted mood due to diffused essential oils. Lavender and chamomile, in particular, are known to promote relaxation. 

Cleanses the Air

Essential oils naturally purify the air on the molecular level – making the air as fresh as it smells. These oils have anti-microbial properties developed to protect the plant from viruses, pests, and bacteria. When distilled, these properties also benefit human health, especially if you opt for the Clean Air blend. 


Certain essential oils, like orange, are proven to boost mood. Peppermint soothes a heavy, tired head and sharpens focus, and other scents address different needs. Not only do diffusers boost your mood, but they also set the mood. 

Welcome your guests with a scent that speaks volumes about the atmosphere you wish to create. Turn on your diffuser for an inviting and personalized experience! Choose from sunny citrus scents or lavender-laced fragrances, depending on what kind of day you’re looking forward to — invigorating or tranquil?

Improves Sleep

Let the mesmerizing dispersal of diffusion mist lull you to sleep, whether you choose an intermittent setting or a constant flow. Ultrasonic diffusers are nearly silent, creating a quiet ambiance for rest. If you get into a routine of diffusing the same scent in your nighttime schedule, you can program your brain to sleep when you smell it. Just remember to set your diffuser on a timer so it will shut off after you rest your eyes.  

Those who experience insomnia often use diffused essential oils such as calming lavender, jasmine, or bergamot to help create a peaceful sleep environment. 

A Scent for Multiple Rooms

The home is meant to be your sanctuary: and nothing creates a calming feeling like the cool mist of an aromatherapy diffuser. Buy diffusers for multiple rooms and tailor scents to your guests’ likes and needs. Keep your bathroom smelling fresh and light and your kitchen citrusy. The Soul Diffuser doubles as a soft, glowing light to provide ambiance while journaling or reading a book. 

Exercise, Travel, or Bathtime Buddy 

Whether you’re searching for bathroom diffusers or ones for the bedroom, there’s a diffuser for every space. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a yoga, tai-chi, or morning stretch routine. The cool mist keeps you centered and the air fresh. Get a little diffuser for the car or bath to uplift your daily commute or cleanse. 

Can’t settle in one room? Opt for a diffuser designed for transport – proof that self-care on the go is absolutely possible. Our Car Diffuser works a little differently: clip it into the car vent and use one of the included cotton wicks to insert the essential oils.

Physical and Mental Wellness

Mental, emotional, and physical wellness are linked. Sometimes the fresh smell of ginger is enough to soothe occasional feelings of nausea and other physical symptoms of mental or emotional stress. Some essential oils like peppermint have calming benefits for muscles and joints. This is the power of aromatherapy in action. Turn on a diffuser to complement at-home physical therapy or other healing activities.

Encourage Mindfulness

Ready to make the jump into meditation and mindfulness practices? Incorporating essential oils through a diffuser can help set up your breathing routine plus enhance its effects. Uplifting scents like peppermint or citrus promote focus, whereas more calming scents such as lavender foster relaxation—whatever state you’re looking for in your session, it’s just an oil away. Make sure that each time you use them, they become markers of intention on your path towards better health for mind and body. 

How to Use Diffusers 

Now that the “why” is covered, let’s get into the “how” of ultrasonic diffusion. Here is our step-by-step guide to filling and using a diffuser. 

1. Choose Your Essential Oils

First, choose your desired essential oil blend or scent. You can blend your own by dropping a few drops of different oils into your diffuser. If diffusion is unfamiliar territory, choose a scent you’re already familiar with and know you will love. You can also research the best one for your needs. To keep it extra subtle and calming, consider diluting fewer drops in the diffuser than normal while also opening up windows around your home. Relaxation has never smelled so good!

2. Fill with Water

Inside your diffuser, you’ll see a line. Fill the diffuser up to it with water, then drop your essential oil droplets in. The amount of drops depends upon the size of the space you are diffusing: five to 10 drops for a small bedroom or 10 to 20 drops for a family room. 

Be careful not to drop the oil on your skin. Essential oils are highly concentrated and should always be properly diluted when contacting the skin. If it gets on your skin, simply wash it off with a plant oil like argan or olive oil. 

3. Place it in the Room, Turn it On, and Enjoy

Choose a room that is the appropriate size for your diffuser. Diffusers for the bathroom may be smaller, while a bigger space will call for a larger diffuser. Place the diffuser where you’d like it in your room and in your desired setting. Now, sit back and enjoy!

4. Turn Off When Finished 

Don’t forget to turn the room diffuser off when you’re done with use. Some settings will turn off automatically when the device senses it has emptied or after a certain amount of time has passed. Diffusion sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on your diffuser model. Turn off your diffuser when leaving the house.

5. Clean Monthly

Clean once per month to remove dust and bacteria. To clean, empty any excess liquid. Then pour warm white vinegar into the diffuser. Let it sit for 10 minutes without turning on the diffuser. Make sure it is turned off. Empty, rinse out, and gently dry with a towel. Now it is clean and ready to be used again. 

6. Store Essential Oils in a Cool, Dry Place

Air diffusers can be left out when empty and not in use, but ensure you store essential oils in a cool, dry place. Many choose to keep a collection of essential oils in a cabinet. If you leave some excess water and oil in your diffuser when not in use, storing it away from light and heat is also a good idea. 

Why Pranarōm

Pranarōm offers ultrasonic essential oil diffusers and sustainably sources all our organic essential oils. This is a comprehensive process. Each bottle contains a highly concentrated amount of distilled plant oils. Essential oils are a noninvasive way to take advantage of plants’ natural health benefits. All our oils go through a rigorous quality assurance process. 

Pranarōm is on a mission to bring the life-changing potential of essential oil safety, wellness, and education to everyone. Our 100% certified organic oils are sustainably sourced with no additives or chemicals – just pure benefits for you! Unlock your holistic health journey today with aromatherapy innovations. Shop for products, browse our blog, and explore more educational resources.

Diffuser: FAQs 

Unsure how to maximize the benefits of diffusers? We’ve got you covered. Here are some frequently asked questions so you can be confident in your use. For more information, see Ultrasonic Diffusion 101.

Are diffusers good for the lungs?

Yes, they are safe for the lungs. Diffusers simply distribute water vapor infused with all-natural essential oils. It is a safer alternative to air fresheners and synthetic room sprays, which are full of lab-made chemicals that give some people headaches. 

All of our diffusion blends are safe, promoting respiratory health. Many find that essential oils like eucalyptus and frankincense can soothe discomfort associated with respiratory irritation and cold symptoms. You may find that certain essential oils are more pleasant than others. It’s all about selecting your perfect blend.  

Are diffusers safe for babies and those who are pregnant?

Yes, air diffusers and many essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy. There are also a number of essential oils that are deemed baby-friendly. 

Because the oils are mixed with water and dispersed throughout the air, it’s not a concentrated intake. Still, it is advised to wait until your child is three to six months old to use the diffuser around them. 

Diffusion is an excellent way to reap the benefits of essential oils while pregnant and may even soothe occasional feelings of nausea. But be aware that some essential oils are not advised to use during pregnancy. Discuss the use of essential oils with your gynecologist or obstetrician before use. Also, talk to your doctor if you have pre-existing medical conditions or allergies. Stop use if irritation occurs.

Are diffusers safe for pets?

Apart from birds, diffusers are safe for pets, according to the ASPCA, but essential oils should not be applied to their skin. Allow pets to leave a diffused room if needed. Pets like cats that self-groom are more sensitive to essential oils (see this list of essential oils to avoid for cats and for dogs.) Unless your pet has a respiratory issue or allergy, a diffuser in one room and your pet in another is perfectly suitable. Some essential oils even offer benefits to your pet.

For example, lavender is one of the gentlest essential oils known to calm dogs. You may even find pests and bugs will stay away from you and your pets with diffused lemongrass oil!