Precious Flower Water Hydrosols


First let’s get to the basics. What is a hydrosol? Simply put, a hydrosol is an aromatic water that is the co-product of distillation. When essential oils are made, the plant matter is put into a large still with water. The water is then heated, and steam is produced. Since essential oils are hydrophobic, meaning they separate from water, the essential oils rise to the top. The residual water left over after steam distillation is a hydrosol. While hydrosols don’t contain essential oils, they do contain about 1-2% of the chemical constituents of the oil.

The aromas of Hydrosols are much lighter and more subtle since they are not concentrated like an essential oil. They are gentle and safe for most everyone.

Our new Precious Flower Water Hydrosols are distilled from fresh blossoms, never dried material, resulting in delightfully scented aromatic waters that are suitable for even the most delicate skin. Non-aerosol compressed air technology preserves the vitality of the hydrosol while producing a long-lasting scent. The great thing about the compressed air is you get a continuous, extra fine mist that is pure luxury for the skin.


Here are some great benefits of incorporating hydrosols into your daily routine:
• Hydrating the skin
• Reducing inflammation
• Calming and soothing irritation of the skin
• Calm nervous tension



Damask Rose This Hydrosol has a toning and tightening effect, encouraging circulation, and restoring radiance and vitality to the complexion.

Lavender Gently soothes and calms, making it ideal for delicate or irritated skin, minor burns, and after-sun care.

Neroli This hydrosol has an uplifting, revitalizing effect on skin, smoothing out tension, relaxing muscles and restoring a healthy glow.


The hydrosols can be sprayed directly onto the skin and into the scalp for pure luxury. They are great for hydration and restoring moisture to tired dry skin. Here are some additional great ways to use these exciting new products:

• Use as a facial toner
• Spray on face throughout the day for extra hydration
• Freshen up clothing
• Pair with Extra Virgin Plant oils for extra absorption
• Apply before your favorite VPO to seal in moisture.
• Mist on pillow before sleep.


What is your favorite way to use hydrosols? Let us know in the comments below. On Instagram? Come by and say hi. You can find us @Pranarom_usa.

Article by: Carla Cohen