Essential Oil Profile: Vetiver

Essential Oil Profile: Vetiver

Thursday, April 20th, 2023 | Article by: Liza Docken

Grounding properties for mind and body, skincare benefits, prevention of soil corrosion, fighting water pollution … Vetiver is a wonder plant that is truly an ally for our health and that of the planet.

Pranarōm’s organic Vetiver essential oil (Vetiveria zizanoides) has an earthy aroma and a more viscous consistency than most other EOs. Sourced from the long spindly roots of a grass that is native to the areas of India and Sri Lanka, Vetiver (known as Khus in India) averages 3 feet in height and reaches down to greater depths with its roots, averaging nine feet in length. Over time Vetiver has become well acclimated to other subtropical regions, including Reunion Island and Madagascar.

Vetiver’s growth characteristic gives it the ability to hold the ground in place where potential erosion threatens the landscape. Vetiver can also help keep flood waters from becoming contaminated, all thanks to its net-like roots. Often woven into mats, baskets, and incense, the roots also provide one of the essential oils used in our Glow Moisture Treatment oil from our Plant Beautiful Organic Skincare line and in our Sleep Aid Wellness Blend.

Well known for its woody, earthy, and ever-so-slightly smokey scent, Vetiver has long been used in perfumery. But Vetiver also works wonders in skin care! Energetically cooling and superficially smoothing, this essential oil can absorb into the skin in ways other oils cannot. Vetiver can support skin that is weak, loose, or fatigued and is therefore a great addition to skin care for face and body.

Vetiver comes from the Poaceae botanical family with primary constituents of sesquiterpenes vetiven & vetivazulene, and sesquiterpenol vetivenol. These constituents offer therapeutic properties, which include calming and soothing both mind and body, as well as supporting circulation.

Emotionally grounding and centering, Vetiver has long been an ally for those with anxious thoughts and feelings. The scent of this oil can help connect you to yourself, your surroundings, and the earth on which we live. It is therefore incredibly helpful when connecting to or strengthening the root chakra. Try this diffusion blend for meditation or a meditative environment.

Meditation Diffusion Blend:
Vetiver 1 drop
Frankincense 3 drops
Bergamot 5 drops

Add essential oils to water in your ultrasonic diffuser, switch on, and settle in.

Or, treat yourself to a DIY perfume by blending:
2 drops Vetiver
3 drops Distilled Lime
2 drops Cardamom
30 drops Jojoba VPO

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