Green Cleaning with Pranarom Essential Oils

Pranarom Certified Organic Lime, Distilled Essential Oil, Purity Diffusion Blend, Lemon Essential Oil, Orange, Sweet Essential Oil bottles with bottles and towel.

Did you know that the average home has over 60 toxic chemicals?

Many of them are found in common household cleaning products. While we can’t avoid exposure to toxic chemicals entirely, we can reduce our exposure significantly. One easy way to start is by making your own non-toxic cleaning products. We have some simple DIY recipes to get you started.

Citrus Soft Scrub

First up is our citrus soft scrub made with citrus essential oils. This product is perfect for cleaning sinks and non- porous surfaces.


1 c. Baking Soda
1/2 cup Liquid Castille Soap
10 drops of Pranarom Lemon essential oil
10 Drops of Pranarom Orange essential oil
10 Drops of Pranarom Lime essential oil

Place all ingredients in a small bowl and blend until a thick paste.
Store in a glass jar. Apply with a rag or sponge, rub and rinse with water.
Can be used to clean sinks bathtubs and non-porous surfaces.

Avignon Carpet Freshener

Next our Avignon carpet freshener made with only two ingredients. This freshener is perfect for giving your carpets that fresh green clean scent. Just a sprinkle and a quick vacuum and your carpets will be smelling fresh in no time.

2 C. Baking Soda
20-30 Drops of Pranarom Avignon Essential Oil Blend
Glass Jar with Metal Lid (old food jars work great)

Add baking soda to a clean jar and then add essential oils. Shake vigorously until combined. With a Phillips screwdriver, carefully poke holes in the top of the metal lid to create a shaker top. You could also use a glass parmesan shaker. Sprinkle liberally on carpet and let sit for at least 1-2 hours. Vacuum and enjoy the aroma!

Purity All Purpose Cleaning Spray

Last our all-purpose cleaning spray. This simple spray is great for all your basic cleaning needs. Perfect for counter tops, shelves, sinks, etc.

2 C. Water

2 T. White Vinegar
15 Drops of Pranarom Purity Blend
Spray Bottle

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle and shake to combine.

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The Pranarom Pedicure

With all the stress in the world, life calls for a little self-care and pampering. The best part is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. We have you covered with this DIY pedicure in just a few simple steps.Let’s gather a couple products to get this pampering pedicure party started! Aromaderm Healthy Nail Serum This blend uses certified organic essential oils to target damaged, discolored, unhealthy nails. An applicator brush allows for clean/easy application, leaving the nail and surrounding skin conditioned and happy. Who doesn’t love happy nails? Aromaderm Hands & Feet Solution This product is great if you have any problematic growths on your feet. It contains a powerful blend of Chinese Cinnamon, Tea Tree, and May Chang. We’ve included an applicator wand for easy and precise use. Tea Tree Precious Water Hydrosol (or your favorite Hydrosol) Our Precious Water hydrosols are made with a non-aerosol compressed air technology which preserves the vitality of the hydrosol while producing a long-lasting scent. Great paired with Extra Virgin Plant oils and Essential Oils, they are the perfect addition to your pedicure. Your feet will love you! Argan Virgin Plant Oil Argan oil is exceptionally rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids (Omega 6 and 9) and vitamin E and has been used for thousands of years by Berber women to protect and revitalize hair, skin and nails. It absorbs quickly into the skin and is traditionally used to nourish and protect due to its ability to soften the skin and deeply moisturize. Perfect for making those feet feel extra soft. Instructions Now, are you ready for some relaxation? Grab some candles, dim the lights, and let’s go! Step 1: Soak feet in a warm foot bath with Epsom salts to soften up the skin on your feet. Step 2: Pumice callouses and file down excess skin on problematic areas. Clip or file nails. Step 3: Apply Pranarom Hands & Feet Solution to any problematic growths. Step 4: Have any yellowing on your nails? Apply our Healthy Nail Serum. Step 5: Allow Aromaderm products to sink in for 5 minutes, then follow up with a misting of Pranarom Tea Tree Hydrosol (or your favorite hydrosol) to balance and hydrate the skin. Step 6: End by massaging in the hydrosol with your favorite Virgin Plant Oil and putting on a clean pair of cotton socks to make sure everything absorbs in. Step 7: Sit back, relax, breathe deep, and ENJOY!!!

Tips for a Relaxed & Refreshed Morning

Simple Tips for Peace & Balance Does your morning start with hitting the snooze button excessively, wishing you could just stay in bed? Do you rush through your morning, grabbing breakfast on the go and spending mindless minutes on social media? Studies show that the way we begin our day can have a significant impact on how the overall day unfolds. Starting off the day feeling refreshed and relaxed requires a great morning routine. Just small changes in the way you start your day can make a difference. Here are ten simple ideas to get you started in feeling more productive, confident, and more relaxed throughout your day. Our Top 10 Ways to Start the Day Never start the day off with a cell phone in hand. If you need to check morning e-mails or messages, try and wait at least 30 minutes before picking up your phone. Clear your mind with some morning meditation, journaling, or yoga. Grab your favorite morning beverage and sit by a window to enjoy a moment free of distractions. Diffuse some essential oils in your space while you enjoy your morning routine. We love Aromacalm for this. You could also try our Zen Diffusion Blend or even just some simple Lavender. ake sure to give yourself enough time to get ready. If needed, set your alarm 15 minutes early to enjoy a relaxing morning routine without the rush. Eat a healthy breakfast and maybe a green juice or smoothie. Move your body to wake up your muscles and your mind. Set some intentions for how you want your day to be. Writing them down each morning can be helpful. Be consistent. This is the only way to begin establishing healthy habits for your morning routine. Take some deep breaths and express gratitude. We hope these help you enjoy your mornings and approach your day with a relaxed, refreshed mindset!