What are essential oils?

What are essential oils?

Tuesday, March 7th, 2023. Author: Liza Docken

Essential oils are volatile oils extracted from plants that contain unique and specific constituents. These constituents speak to their therapeutic and aromatic qualities. But how do we get essential oils from plant to bottle?
The most common form of essential oil extraction is through steam distillation. Water is heated until it begins to steam. That steam is then carried through a pipe to a chamber where plant material, such as flowers, leaves, bark, or resin has been placed and compacted for maximum steam/plant interaction. As the steam moves through the plant material it extracts the essential oils that live within the plant.
The steam carries the volatile oils into the next chamber, called a condenser, where the steam is cooled and run through a series of coils, returning the steam to liquid. That liquid then ends up in the final chamber where the essential oils, due to their hydrophobic nature, float to the surface and are syphoned off and poured into essential oil bottles.
What happens to all the water that is left over after the steam distillation process? I am so glad you asked! That water is what is known as hydrosol, or hydrolat, and is water that has moved through plant material, collecting the water-soluble constituents that offer many benefits of the same benefits as Essential Oils.
Look for our next blog entry about Hydrosols later this month.
Essential oils can also be described as incredibly concentrated plant medicine. With Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) as an example, it takes 2,000 pounds of plant material to make just a gallon of essential oil. Consider a field of lavender and the amount of landmass required to create such a small amount of essential oil. It is the impetus of Pranarōm’s dedication to certified organic essential oils.
Essential oils have the ability to impact us both physically and emotionally, giving EOs a broad reach in the health and wellness industry. Known primarily for their aromatic qualities, essential oils used in an ultrasonic diffuser offer many ways to transform the atmosphere, from clearing the air to uplifting your mood. The diffuser breaks down the molecule size of the aromatic oil for better dispersal and more lasting scent.
These aromatic power-houses also work wonderfully for cleaning, DIY personal products, and as additives to liquid soaps, lotions, and shampoos. Essential oils should be used in dilution when applied to the skin, making any of these applications an ideal way to use essential oils in your everyday routine/life. Just a few drops in your liquid hand soap can up the wow factor on scent and cleansing abilities. Visit Pranarōm.us to see the many single notes, wellness blends, and diffusion blends available.

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Thursday, March 9th, 2023 | Author: Liza Docken Today’s skincare market is flooded with natural products, which can make it hard to decide what’s best for you. We’re all trying to make the cleanest, most responsible choices we can. Pranarōm makes the choice simple with our Organic Plant Beautiful Skincare Line. Certified Organic by EcoCert SA and USDA Organic, this line of effective and easy-to-use products offers more radiant, clearer, calmer skin in just three easy steps. Pranarōm’s Plant Beautiful Skincare line is made from organic essential oils, botanical waters, aloe vera extract, and virgin plant oils – never any synthetics, adulterants, or additives. The collection is comprised of a gentle, yet thorough oil cleanser, 3 varieties of facial mists to prep and hydrate the skin, and 3 varieties of moisture treatment oils to treat the skin. Simplicity doesn’t just apply to the ingredients – it’s quick and easy to use as well! Step One: Cleanse Use the Pure Cleansing oil on dry or damp skin, massaging, warming, and working the oil into the pores to 1) help break up stagnation/clogged pores and 2) remove make-up, dirt, and debris. Finish with a face cloth dipped in warm water that has been wrung out to pat, press, and finally wipe the cleanser from the face. Step Two: Prep & Hydrate Saturate the skin with multiple pumps of facial mist, choosing between the three available varieties: Glow, Clear, or Calm. Feel free to press warm hands against the skin before moving to the next step. Step Three: Treat & Nourish Warm 3-5 drops of moisture treatment oil in your hands, choosing between Glow, Clear, or Calm. Press the treatment oil into still damp skin, allowing the oil and water to combine and deliver the nourishing oil deeply into the skin. Why Oil and Water? The skin on our body has a protective barrier called the Acid Mantle that is made up of oil and water. Using these ingredients for skincare keeps things simple while also highly functional. This simplified approach helps to maintain optimal pH levels of the skin, an integral element of the Acid Mantle. Keeping the skin balanced and protected means healthier skin and better results. The Collections: Glow | Calm | Clear GLOW offers radiance via a facial mist and treatment oil that help revitalize dull skin, boost moisture content, and support skin as it ages. Star ingredients include Rose Geranium (pelargonium graveolens) botanical water, Rose Otto (rosa x damascena) essential oil, Camellia (camelia oleifera) Seed virgin plant oil and Pomegranate (punica granatum) Seed virgin plant oil. CALM ushers in relief via a facial mist and treatment oil that deeply soothe sensitivity and redness while nourishing without irritation. Key elements in this collection include Lemon Balm (melissa officinalis) botanical water, Roman Chamomile (anthemis nobilis) essential oil, Borage (borago officinalis) virgin plant oil and Calendula (calendula officinalis) virgin plant oil. CLEAR makes way for a balanced complexion via a facial mist and treatment oil combo that soothe and support blemish-prone skin. Balancing and purifying elements in these products include Peppermint (mentha x piperita) and Frankincense (boswellia carterii) botanical waters, Willow Bark (salix alba) extract, and Black Cumin (nigella sativa) Seed virgin plant oil. Each collection is tailored to support specific skincare concerns. Thanks to the non-comedogenic and affordable nature of all three collections, products can also be mixed-and-matched, making their applications even more personal and specified. Find Pranarōm’s Organic Skincare on our website at Pranarom.us and at natural retailers in your area.