Organic Essential Oils

Plants produce natural, aromatic oils that function as the plant’s immune system, supporting and defending its overall health. By distilling these oils, we can utilize these benefits for our health and wellbeing, too.

Pranarom Certified Organic Lemon Essential Oil Bottle, Lavender Essential Oil Bottle, and Peppermint Essential Oil Bottle with lemon slices, mint and lavender.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated, natural plant extracts that have been used for centuries to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. They are extracted from the leaves, flowers, stems, roots, and other parts of plants using a variety of methods. In order for these products to be considered organic essential oils, they must be grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and be free from any artificial additives or preservatives. Learn more about essential oil basics here.  

Discover the Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils contain naturally occurring compounds such as terpenes, carotenoids, and phenols — all of which have positive health benefits. This makes them extremely versatile for a variety of uses. Whether it’s their calming properties that can help with muscles, joints, skincare and stress, or their purifying, immune supporting properties, essential oils are a powerful form of self-care

Here are a few ways you can use essential oils to help promote greater health and well-being:

Essential Oils for Sinuses

There are many essential oil blends that offer support for a runny nose and a range of other sinus-related symptoms. Blends containing ingredients like peppermint and lemon are particularly powerful.

If you’re looking to stave off stuffiness with a pure, all-natural herbal remedy, we recommend trying the recipe below:

The peppermint and tea tree oil will reinvigorate and help defend your respiratory tract, while the lemon oil awakens your senses and uplifts your mood. Combine all the above organic essential oils in a dish and then transfer into a glass dropper bottle. Dab one or two drops below the nose and on the chest. Gently massage into the skin until absorbed.

Essential Oils for Relaxation

The use of organic essential oils for relaxation and sleep promotion isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, the ancient Greeks were known to infuse their pillows with thyme to prepare the mind for sleep and to shield themselves against nightmares. 

So, how does it work? Essential oils contain naturally-occurring compounds that stimulate the production of hormones associated with healthy sleep patterns. Linalyl acetate, one of the most active compounds in lavender, is an excellent example. It’s known for its calming effects for both mind and body, which promote a state of deep relaxation.

Try this relaxation blend to help prepare yourself for sleep:

Combine in a roller bottle and rub a generous amount into the wrists, neck, and temples. You can also dab a small amount just under the nose just before bed. 

Essential Oils for Skin Care

Whether you’re looking for support for blemish-prone areas or aging skin, essential oils can help promote skin health. Not only are pure organic essential oils more affordable when compared to many brand-name skin care lines, they’re one of the best ways to achieve healthier-looking skin without the harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients often found in other products.

With the right combination of essential oils, you can create a personalized skin care routine that targets your unique skin care concerns. Here’s a great blend for those wanting to achieve a luminous glow:

Rose oil is rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and encourage cell regeneration — a huge plus for dull skin. Apply this oil after showering or washing your face to seal in hydration for a soft, supple and youthful appearance. When you combine these incredible benefits with the brightening effects of lemon oil and the ability of frankincense oil to rejuvenate and promote skin’s elasticity, you get a miracle mixture that brings on some serious glow! Read more in our blog about essential oil skin care

Essential Oils For Balance

Aromatherapy is a great way to improve your general wellbeing. There are certified organic essential oils to address a broad spectrum of wellness concerns, including low energy, feelings of stress, brain fog, and more. If you’ve been looking for a way to restore peace and balance to your mind, body and soul, aromatherapy may be a helpful tool.

Here’s a blend for encouraging deep healing:

Your root chakra, which is the energy center located at the base of the spine, benefits from the grounding and calming effects of sandalwood. The sweet, citrusy aroma of bergamot strengthens the sacral chakra by enhancing creativity and passion, while the light floral scent of jasmine promotes clarity of thought. A fantastic mix for those seeking to reconnect with their energy and a deeper sense of wellbeing.

Shopping for pre-made solutions? At Pranarom, we offer specially-designed blends for wellness. Shop our collection of essential oil blends today! 

How to Use Organic Essential Oils

Before using essential oils, it is important to understand how to use them safely and effectively. Let’s take a closer look at various aromatherapy methods and the best practices for each:

1. Topical Application

This method involves rubbing essential oils directly onto the skin. The most important tip to remember when applying essential oil products to the skin is to ensure they are blended correctly. This means mixing them with carrier oils to dilute their potency. Rubbing unmixed, pure essential oils into your body may result in an allergic reaction or inflammation. It’s also important to remember that a little bit goes a long way when it comes to essential oils. Just a few drops will last for multiple hours, so start off slow! You can always reapply if the scent begins to fade. 

2. Inhalation

You can inhale essential oils in a number of different ways. The traditional method is simply inhaling straight from the bottle or applying a drop to the palms and lightly covering the nose while breathing in. Many aromatherapy enthusiasts prefer to add a few drops of their favorite essential oils to a bowl of boiling water and then cover their heads with a towel while leaning over the bowl. It allows them to inhale the scent while also benefiting from the steam, which improves blood circulation and has a pleasant, warming effect.

Another option is to use aromatherapy beads. These small, orb-shaped pellets have a porous surface which allows them to absorb essential oils. They can be worn on jewelry or placed in drawers or car consoles, where they release a long-lasting yet subtle aroma.

Lastly, you can make an aromatherapy inhaler — a small, handheld device that can be refilled with essential oils of your choosing whenever it runs out. 

3. Diffusion

Diffusers are a great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils without having to worry about mess and hassle. With a diffuser, you can easily disperse the scent of your favorite essential oils throughout your home, office, or anywhere else you may be. To use one, simply fill the internal chamber with water, add your favorite mixture of oils, plug it in, and let the device do its thing!

One of the top perks of using a diffuser is the personalization it provides. Those who prefer strong scents can add a few more drops of their favorite oils, while those who’d rather a light waft throughout the day can stick to a more diluted mixture. They’re also ideal for a no-hassle, set-it-and-forget-it aromatherapy experience.

You don’t have to worry about buying special essential oils for diffusers — you can add drops of any oil you like. No need for specific cartridges or blends!

Each of these methods can help you achieve your desired results and start experiencing the benefits of essential oils for yourself. It’s all about finding the one that suits your lifestyle preferences the best. Don’t be afraid to test out different blends, products, and accessories. Experimenting is half the fun!

Why Pranarom?

Our natural and organic ingredients are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives, making them a safer choice than many alternative oils on the market. We also never test on animals, as we believe businesses have an obligation to protect animal welfare and prevent any and all unnecessary harm.

When you buy your organic essential oils from us, you’re buying from a brand that supports the causes you care about and upholds the standards of excellence you expect. We know you want to feel good about the purchases you make, feeling confident that they’re helping to create a better future for everyone. It’s our mission to make sure that’s the case with organic, cruelty-free and highquality products.

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Organic Essential Oils: FAQs

How long should I run a diffuser?

The answer depends on the type of diffuser you’re using, the size of your space and the type of oil being used. Additionally, some organic essential oils for diffusers are stronger than others. To find out, just give yours a try! If you feel like it’s too strong, simply run your diffuser for a shorter period of time. 

Do essential oils go bad?

Yes, essential oils can expire and lose their effectiveness over time, but this varies from essential oil to essential oil. Research your essential oil on our website to learn more about its typical life span, or send us an email if you have any concerns. 

Can I use essential oils for cleaning?

You bet! Essential oils are a great alternative to harsh chemicals found in most cleaning products. By combining common items like baking soda, castile soap, water and citrus essential oils,, you can create safe and effective cleaning products at home. Learn more about green cleaning with essential oils